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WILD Coconut Oil Soap Scrub

WILD Coconut Oil Soap Scrub
WILD Coconut Oil Soap Scrub
WILD Coconut Oil Soap Scrub
WILD Coconut Oil Soap Scrub
WILD Coconut Oil Soap Scrub

The body soap for the wildest queens. It’s superfat and unscented because we use real and organic WILD Virgin Coconut oil and natural rainwater in the Solomon Islands. The moisturising of this vegan coconut oil soap is luxurious and gives you smooth clean skin with a creamy finish... even towels get jealous!

And just because we like to give you the very best, all soap range comes in a pretty reusable soap bag made from sisal plant which you may want to use as a natural exfoliator for extra delicious skin.

Lower your eco-footprint by buying a Smarter pack and get more value!

Super Hero

WILD Virgin coconut oil is the superhero in all our vegan soaps providing its superpower to moisturise and cleanse. Coconuts are the majesty of our queendom and we want you to wear the crown.

Goodness Only

Cruelty-free, Vegan, No petroleum-based ingredients, No Parabens, No Preservatives, No SLS (aka sodium lauryl sulphate). No Naughties, just Goodness.

Ethically handcraft it in the most beautiful isles in the tropical, goodness cold-pressed, free from animal fats, palm oil or preservatives. Promise it’s the most gorgeous soap out there!

Ecolicious packaging

We take our plants seriously. This is why even our packaging is plant-based! The scrub bag is made from natural sisal bag. It doubles as a scrub and a handy soap bag. Pop in your new naked soap into the scrub bag and reuse it again and again. Zero plastic, Zero Waste. Welcome to our coco-world!

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