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Silk Road for Her

Silk Road for Her
Silk Road for Her

The Great Silk   Road - an ancient unique phenomenon   in the World history of civilization with its aspiration for unity, cultural values and exchange.

The Silk Road was network of Caravan trade routes, which crossed and linked Europe and Asia.

Presently ancient  cities  such as Uzbekistan,  Tajikistan, Kazakhstan,  Turkmenistan,  Azerbaijan, Turkey,  Iran,  Iraq,  Syria, Pakistan, India,  Korea, Japan,  China  with  their  architectural and historical heritage, represent centuries-old great cultures in the Spirit of Great Silk Road.

Silk Road Perfume - Symbol of life, discovery, legacy, traveling and an inner driving force for progress.

Silk Road for Her - Created for an ambitious woman with character, extraordinary and gorgeous.

Composition of the Silk Road for Her masterfully combines floral and chypre chords.  A perfect symphony of the rose perfectly shaded by woody notes, giving the perfume a warm soft sound.

Top notes filled with light floral chords. An exploration with unusual freesia flowers coupled with Jasmine reveals their pure charm. In the heart of the scent, reign an exceptional pink pepper and sweet pear enveloped in notes of chypre. Density and saturation of the perfume is due to the rich base, which   includes cedar, sandalwood and passionate saturated notes of musk toned by warm patchouli. Silk Road for Her fascinates by ideal combination of sensual notes revealing on the skin in a special way, bringing tremendous emotions and unique feelings of flight.

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