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Samarkand Spirit for Woman

Samarkand Spirit for Woman
Samarkand Spirit for Woman

Samarkand Spirit for Woman - As the magical power of love fascinates and excites, it is both luxurious, passionate, strong wild, gentle and romantic.  Samarkand Spirit for Woman embodies a gourmet rich bouquet of flowers and trees. Its citrus composition envelops harmony and has a mystical aura of the enigma of love, desire and aura of exoticism. The bright,  juicy,  bitter  and  fresh  notes  of  citrus fruits make your heart swoon with delight and slowly  merge  with  the  feminine  symphony  of rich, the scent of water flowers in the heart. The notes of musk  create  a  mysterious, se d u c t iv e  fragrant  b a se  lo op  with  a sophisticated taste of oriental passion.

Bukhara is 2500 years old the same age as Babylon and Athens.

A city of theology, poetry, tales, miracles and its rich heritage brings us the  Spirit  of Wisdom  with human  genius  embrace  with  Ardor  Courteous,  Inspires and Blessed with Eternal glow of Love. Bukhoro-i-Sharifa - The Great Sacred City, where lived the legendary Avicenna, Holy lmam Al-Buhari, Naqshbandi and Omar Khayyam.

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