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Ruby of Temur for Woman

Ruby of Temur for Woman
Ruby of Temur for Woman

The largest in the world Ruby Stone weighs 361 carats well known from the XIV century under the name Ruby of Temur.

Ruby  of  Temur engraved  with  owner's names, starting with the Great Amir Temur -  Tamerlane   and  many  names  of  his descendant such as Shah Jahan, who build up Palace mausoleum  Taj Mahal one of the new Seven Wonders of the World.

Ruby of Temur - tribute to the world has passed many empires from Tamerlan to the British Royal Treasury and presently rumored to be located at the Kuwait Royal Family museum.

The fragrance's flask decorated, grasping the Royal essence, captivating with the power, intense power and courage of the sun and victory stone. The scent of the eccentric natural Power of Love, embracing with the Ecstasy of Victory Triumph and satisfaction of Great Success of larger than life dreams.

Ruby of Temur for Woman - Opens with a fresh composition of Neroli and Petitgrain.

In the aroma’s heart lays Eucalyptus, warm vanilla, amber and aphrodisiac patchouli.

The fragrance completes with wood notes range combining  musk,  oud  and  sandal,  which  are sacred  attributes  and  bring Sacramental mystery, Aristocracy and Luxury to the Ruby of Temur for woman fragrance.

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