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Since its creation in 1921, N°5 has exuded the very essence of femininity. The abstract, mysterious scent—alive with countless subtle facets—radiates an extravagant floral richness. In 1986, Jacques Polge reinterpreted his predecessor Ernest Beaux’s composition to create a fuller, more voluminous version of the now and forever fragrance: the Eau de Parfum.

With its unprecedented use of aldehydes and layers of complexity, N°5 was the world’s first abstract fragrance. The Eau de Parfum draws inspiration from the original Parfum. This floral bouquet, composed around May rose and jasmine, features bright citrus top notes. Aldehydes create a unique presence, while the smooth touch of bourbon vanilla yields an incredibly sensual sillage.

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The Eau de Parfum comes in a spray for easy application.


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