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KohiNur Diamond for Him

KohiNur Diamond for Him
KohiNur Diamond for Him

KohiNur, which means Mountain of Light in Persian.  The ancient   and the largest   diamond in the world weighing 1O5  carats.

There  are  many  legends  around the  origin and owners of the KohiNur, starting from the first Amazon  Queen of the Massagetae Tamiris (VII century B.C.) , the owners of the diamond were  also Tamerlan  (XIVcentury A.D .) and his   descendants, Babur, Humayun, Akbar, Shah Jahan (XVII century A.D.). Today the KohiNur is part of the British Crown Jewels and symbolises a legacy of power, prosperity, wealth and success.

KohiNur for man – Know no boundaries remains. Unrivaled and timeless. Decent and shining like a diamond, iconic a promising fagrance with a mystical message from past to the present contemporary man, who succeeds and conquers his world.

This is a symphonic poem, assigned to the dignified man, who recognizes his appeal strength and charisma.

This alluring scent opens with sparking notes of bergamot, orange-flower   and solar accord.  Jasmine, fragrant rose and violet florets are in the heart of the composition.  Warm notes of vanilla patchouli, deep vetiver and oriental musk sound in trail.

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