Duty Free Shopping

To Be Eligible To Shop Duty Free

You must be leaving the country you are travelling from

You must take the duty free items with you into another country (As required by U.S. and International law, you will receive your duty free items as you exit the country, either as you get on the plane , a cruise chip or as you drive across the border).

Why Shop Duty Free ?

Take advantage of cost savings with Tax and Duty Free worldwide shopping available to customers traveling to foreign destinations.

International travelers have the privilege to buy items exempt from paying Sales Tax (Value Added Tax or VAT in many countries) or the Customs duties assessed by a particular country, primarily on liquor and tobacco but may include other categories.

How to Shop Duty Free Online ?

You may order online up to 7 days before your travel date. All in-store promotions, price discounts, and gifts with purchase apply. No more stressful, last-minute shopping before your flight ‐ select your favorite luxury products online anywhere in the world , in advance, duty free!

Click “Select a Store” in the country you are traveling from and enter your travel information. The appropriate Duty Free Zone affiliated Duty Free Shop will be selected for you with real-time inventory and promotions.

Once a Duty Free Shop has been selected, pricing, promotions, and availability will begin your shopping experience

Once you confirm your purchase and enter payment information, the appropriate Duty Free Shop will be notified to pack your order and prepare it for delivery as you exit the country, whether boarding a plane or crossing the border.

Orders are packed and delivered in compliance with US and International customs laws.

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