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CREMEL Intrepid Dry

CREMEL Intrepid Dry
CREMEL Intrepid Dry
Natural cream deodorant with 100% vegetable ingredients, free of chemicals and preservatives. Perfect alternative to commercial deodorants and antiperspirants. Fresh mint scent. Regulates pH levels offering a long-term solution against excessive sweating. Does not clog pores. It helps in the prevention of breast cancer. It offers protection against bad odors for 24 hours. Suitable for the whole family, unisex, and safe to use anywhere on the body

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  • Stock: In stock
  • Model: Intrepid Dry
  • Weight: 0.06kg
  • Dimensions: 6.00cm x 6.00cm x 2.00cm
  • SKU: 0724373599755
DFZ Price: $11.00