How would you like to get your products in front of rich international buyers from around the world?

The internet is the new frontier for the sale of luxury goods, but for many brands steeped in tradition and heritage, the next step can seem daunting. It may be that your brand has been around since before the days of online shopping, and change doesn’t come easy to you. Have no fear; is here to make the transition with you. has been putting name brand electronics in reach for international consumers since 1998, and it’s time to branch out. We’re looking to connect sellers of high end automobiles, jewelry, watches accessories, fashion, luxury homes, yachts and more with the clientele looking to buy.

There are two ways we can get your brand out there on DutyFreeZone:

You can post your products to our website

where consumers will be able to browse through our entire selection with the seamless online-shopping experience they’ve come to expect from us.

For this service, DutyFreeZone asks for 15% of sales. The rest is all you.

Want something a little more exclusive?

You can create a page on DutyFreeZone specifically for your brand. Customers will see your name on our site and can click to browse your products directly. You’ll get an easy-to-use link in the style of “”.

This service comes at a $1000/month flat fee plus 15% of sales.

Take a step into the future of luxury sales today. Our customers are ready and waiting to see what their money can buy. 

Best wishes,