DUTYFREEZONE.COM was founded in 1998 by a group of young entrepreneurs who had a vision of a new world where businesses can buy and sell products across international borders without political, geographical or economic restrictions.

We realized that to achieve success these businesses would need better resources for sourcing products and managing the supply chain. We’ve also learned over the years that reliability is key to creating excellent customer service. As a result, our primary goal has been to develop our core service with ‘worry-free sourcing’ as the underlying competitive advantage.

Today, DUTYFREEZONE.COM is now shipping in the US from its 14 warehouses to your home or business , it has a thriving e-commerce website providing unbeatable pricing, assured quality and a reliable service for consumers. The online hub also has a comprehensive range of procurement services developed to satisfy all supply chain requirements.

Moving forward, we aim to raise the bar further by setting higher industry standards because we believe that progression will create more sustainable growth for our customers. DUTYFREEZONE.COM is the world leading consumer electronics and home appliances e-commerce company. DUTYFREEZONE.COM strategic headquarters are in Laredo , Texas, Company offices and warehouses can be found in Texas , Mexico and Hong Kong.

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